Substantive Change Policy

Wallace Community College Selma established and implemented the following procedures to ensure that the College remains in compliance with the Commission on College’s Substantive Change Policy. The procedures outline the approval process for substantive changes for the College. The College will meet in April of each year to review substantive change requests and policies.

  1. The WCCS Substantive Change Review Committee consists of the following administrative staff: Accreditation Liaison (Chairperson), College President, Dean of Business and Finance, Dean of Students, Dean of Instruction, Director of Institutional Management, Instructional Division Administrator, Arts & Sciences Department Chairperson, Technical Division Department Chair, Director of Distance Education & Dual Enrollment, Director of ADN Program, Director of LPN Program, BUS/CIS/OAD Program Department Chair, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Library Director, and Financial Aid Director.
  2. Substantive changes are submitted to the Chairperson of the Substantive Change Review Committee one month prior to the April meeting. The Substantive Change Review Committee convenes in April of each year, or as needed, to review the Commission’s Substantive Change policy; to discuss any possible changes planned for the College that might be substantive in nature based on a review of the College’s mission statement; and to examine the College’s current offerings and operations to make certain that the College is in compliance with the Commission’s policy on Substantive Change.
  3. Proposed changes are reviewed by the Committee to determine if the changes are substantive by reviewing each type of change described by the Commission. The Committee will determine the specific Commission procedure to follow (1, 2, or 3) for reporting the change to the Commission.
  4. The President of the College is responsible for notifying the Commission of any substantive changes.
  5. The Commission may require the College to write a prospectus or prepare additional documentation with the notification letter. The department of the College initiating change must work with the SACS Liaison and the Substantive Change Committee to draft the notification letter with the required documentation. Additional committees may be organized to assist with the Substantive Change preparation. The final Substantive Change documents will be submitted to the President at least one month before the final deadline date for approval.
  6. Wallace Community College Selma’s Substantive Change policy is published on the College’s website, and College Catalog and Student Handbook. Minutes of the Substantive Change Review Committee meetings will be sent to the College’s Library for review and placed in the Documents section of the College’s Intranet.