Student Complaint Process

Informal Student Complaint Process
Wallace Community College Selma has a variety of procedures for dealing with student-related issues, including grade appeals, academic dishonesty violations, student discipline, harassment complaints, and Student Grievance procedures. One area not generally covered by other procedures concerns informal student complaints about faculty, staff or student conduct. The College respects the academic freedom of the faculty and will not interfere with the exercise of appropriate discretion concerning the content or style of teaching activities. Indeed, academic freedom is and should be of paramount importance. At the same time, the College recognizes its responsibility to provide students with a procedure for addressing complaints about faculty/staff treatment of students that are not covered by other procedures.

Wherever possible, complaints at Wallace Community College Selma are handled in an informal manner. Administrators, faculty, and staff maintain an “open-door” policy to discuss issues of concern for all students. Faculty and staff serve as a resource for individuals seeking assistance in resolving matters within the College community. Students are encouraged to first attempt to resolve complaints with the faculty or staff person. If unresolved, students should next speak to the departmental chairperson or supervisor of the faculty or staff member in an effort to resolve the matter. If still unresolved, the student should lodge their complaint with the Dean of Students. Students may also seek the assistance of the campus Student Services Office to facilitate an informal resolution. The chart below details the initial area for assistance referral and subsequent contact areas. lf students have any questions about the applicable area for assistance, they should consult with the Dean of Students, who will advise the student if some other procedure is applicable to the type of complaint they are seeking to resolve.


Academic Instructor Concerns Instructor Department Chair/Division Dean
Technical Instructor Concerns Instructor Department Chair/Division Asst. Dean
Academic  Probation/Suspension Records/Admissions Dean of Students
Admissions Application Process Records/Admissions Director of Admission and Records
Assessment/Testing  Center Advising Center Staff/Testing Center Staff Director of Admissions and Records
Academic Advising Counselors Dean of Students
Canvas Technical Assistance E-Learning Dean of Instruction
Bookstore Bookstore Manager Dean of Business & Finance
Student Guided Campus Tours Admissions Office Dean of Students
Discipline outside the classroom Campus Police/Staff Member Dean of Students
Grade Appeals Instructor Division Chair/Dean of Instruction
Financial Aid Issues Financial Aid Staff Director of Financial Aid
Veteran Benefits V.A. Coordinator Director of Financial Aid
Tutor Support Subject Area Lab Assistant Director of Student Support Services
Students with Disabilities ADA Coordinator Dean of Students
Student Orientation Orientation Instructor Dean of Students
Transcripts Records Office Staff Director of Admission and Records
Refund Requests Business Office Staff Dean of Business & Finance
Parking Tickets Campus Police Director of Security and Facilities/Division Dean
Police Campus Police Staff Director of Security and Facilities/Division Dean
Workforce Faculty Workforce Faculty Assistant Dean of Instructon

Formal Student Complaint Process
If an informal conference regarding a complaint fails to reach the outcome requested by the student, the student may initiate the formal process by filing a written complaint with the Dean of Student of the person designated by the Dean of Students.


  1. The complaint shall be filed within 30 calendar days of the alleged conduct unless there is good cause shown for delay, including but not limited to delay caused by an attempt at informal resolution. The complaint shall be as specific as possible in describing the conduct being complained about.
  2. The Dean of Students or Designee shall meet with all parties either separately or together, to discuss the complaint and to try to resolve it. If a resolution is not possible and there are factual issues in dispute, an investigation shall be conducted.
  3. The Dean of Students or Designee shall separately interview all persons with relevant knowledge and information.