Student Activities and Organizations

The student governing body of this Institution is the Student Government Association. The purpose of this organization is to serve the student body; to serve and work toward the betterment of the institution and surrounding communities; to provide and unify a sound student body in the common motive of democratic self-government; to encourage cooperation among students, faculty, and administration; to promote a sense of loyalty and school spirit to Wallace Community College Selma; to help provide various campus activities to enhance students’ enjoyment of college life; and to stimulate personal growth and social development.

Any student organization requires the approval of the college administration and the majority vote of the Student Government Association. A written statement of purpose and student interest must be presented to and approved by the Dean of Students prior to the organization and must include the following criteria:

  1. The official name of the proposed organization;
  2. Name of faculty advisor;
  3. Statement of when, where, and how often meetings will be held;
  4. Statement acknowledging that the proposed organization is subject to all college regulations and policies.
All student activities and organizations require faculty supervision and require prior approval of the Dean of Students or the President’s designee. Any student group wishing to sponsor a student activity must identify faculty to provide supervision of the activity and must obtain approval from the Dean of Students to conduct the activity.

Funds supporting student organizations or activities must be deposited in the Business Office along with other institutional funds. Expenditure of funds for student activities must be initiated by purchase requisition and/or check request and approved by the Dean of Students and the Dean of Business and Finance.

All student organizations are open to all students of this institution who qualify for membership. No student will be denied membership in any organization nor participation in any approved activity by reason of race, sex, religion, age, or national origin.