Placement Testing in the Alabama College System

Placement into mathematics and English courses will be based upon specified prerequisite requirements, which may include a student’s ACT scores, high school grade point average in conjunction with the final grades in designated high school courses, and ACCUPLACER placement assessment scores. Placement scores and the high school GPA are valid for five years. If older than three years, the student must take the ACCUPLACER assessment. Academic advisors will assist students with determining the appropriate placement into mathematics and English courses. Recommended ACCUPLACER Test cut- off scores are:

Placement Cut Scores

A. The following ACCUPLACER score ranges will be used for student placement in math, English, and reading.

ACCUPLACER Placement Score Chart

ACCUPLACER Cutoff Range Course Placement
English (WritePlacer Exam) 0-3 ENR 098 Writing and Reading for College
  4 ENG 101 English Composition
ENG 099 Intro to College Writing
  5-8 ENG 101 English Composition I


Math (Next-Gen Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics) (QAS) 200-242 (QAS) MTH 098 Elementary Algebra
MTH 116 Mathematical Applications
College Level Algebra (CLM) 243-252 (QAS) MTH 100 Intermediate College Algebra
MTH 099 Support for Intermediate College Algebra
  253-266 (QAS) MTH 100 Intermediate College Algebra
  267-300 (QAS) or 50-59 (CLM) MTH 110 Finite Mathematics
MTH 112 Pre-calculus Algebra
  60-79 (CLM) MTH 113 Pre-calculus Trigonometry
MTH 120 Calculus and Its Applications
  80 or above (CLM) MTH 125 Calculus I


  1. A student must have a current picture I.D. to take the ACCUPLACER or other placement test.
  2. A student desiring to test at WCCS, but enroll at another institution, will be assessed a $15.00 fee.

Placement Retesting Procedure
A student who wishes to challenge placement results may retest once per academic year provided there is evidence the student has completed test preparation activities. Additional preparation includes but is not limited to academic boot camps, online pre-tests, and placement test applications. Institutions will charge a one-time fee for retesting per subject area of no more than $10. Placement test scores will be valid for three years from the date of the original or retest assessment.

Placement Testing Exemptions
Students may receive full or partial testing exemptions if they comply with the following criteria (official documentation must be provided for verification of exemptions):

  1. Successful completion, defined as a grade of C or better, of transferable English and/or mathematics courses from a regionally accredited college or university.
  2. The ACT or SAT scores within three years of high school graduation that meet the following minimums:
    ACT - English score of 18
    SAT - writing score of 470
    ACT - mathematics score of 20
    SAT - mathematics score of 47
    ACT – reading score of 20
    SAT - reading score of 470
  3. Students who are enrolled at other colleges or universities and are given permission by their parent institution to take a specific course or courses per a transient approval form (or Letter of Good Standing) may be exempted from placement testing.

Placement Testing Hours
ACCUPLACER Placement Testing is given by appointment only. A student must have an admission application and other pertinent paperwork on file before scheduling an ACCUPLACER test. Contact the Office of Student Services at (334) 876-9295 to schedule testing. ACCUPLACER Placement Testing will not be administered to any student more than two times. If you cannot use a computer please notify Student Services.