Masonry/Building Trades Standard Certificate

Brick masons are craftspeople who construct walls, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys, and other structures from brick, concrete and cinder block, tile, and stone.  Bricklaying requires careful, accurate work so that the structure has a neat and uniform appearance; is aligned with windows, doors, and other openings; thus preventing excessive waste and cutting.  Craftspeople in this trade use the following tools: chisels, trowels, jointers, gauge lines, plumb bobs, and mason’s levels. Helpers, who supply the mason with bricks, mix mortar, and set up/move to scaffold, usually assist bricklayers.  Masons and bricklayers work on both new building construction and remodeling projects. Recipients of Standard Certificates from this program receive instruction that provides various opportunities to gain masonry/ bricklaying skills and to practice these skills in practical situations.  Employment opportunities are strong for certificate recipients in this program, both locally and nationwide due to the need for new construction and renovation.



* Curriculum display is subject to change; however, courses will be offered to meet degree requirements

* Student competence in the basic use of computers is accomplished within ENG 100.

* Student competence in Oral Communications is accomplished within discipline-specific courses.

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