INT 101 : DC Fundamentals

This course provides a study of atomic theory, direct current (DC), properties of conductors and insulators, direct current characteristics of series, parallel, and series parallel circuits.  Inductors and capacitors are introduced and their effects on DC circuits are examined.  Students are prepared to analyze complex DC circuits, solve for unknown circuits variables and to use basic electronic test equipment.  This course also provides hands on laboratory exercises to analyze, construct, test, and troubleshoot direct current circuits.  Emphasis is placed on the use of scientific calculator and the operation of common test equipment used to analyze and troubleshoot DC and to prove the theories taught during classroom instruction. Supports CIP Codes:  15.0303, 47.0105, 46.0302, and 47.0609.  This course is also taught as ETC 101, EET 103, ILT 160, ELT 108.


As required by program.