Industrial Maintenance Technology STC

Modern industry depends upon individuals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to keep production running smoothly and efficiently.  Individuals who possess the technical skills necessary to maintain industrial equipment are in high demand and are well compensated.  The Associate in Applied Science degree program in Industrial Maintenance Technology (INT) provides students with both theoretical and practical learning experiences which, in turn, provide INT Program graduates with the technical skills necessary for employment in a variety of industrial settings.  More specifically, the purposes of the INT Program follow are to enable students to obtain immediate entry to industrial and manufacturing settings locally, statewide, and regionally; to provide the local industrial manufacturing community with highly skilled industrial maintenance technicians that are able to set up, install, maintain, and troubleshoot industrial equipment and systems; and to supplement the supply of skilled workers in the College’s service area by offering short-term training opportunities which are components of, or are related to, industrial maintenance technology.



* Curriculum display is subject to change; however, courses will be offered to meet degree requirements.


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