Guidance and Counseling Services

Guidance and counseling services are available to all students. Counselors assist students in obtaining maximum development of their potentialities and arriving at decisions which further their progress. These decisions most frequently involve one or more of the following: vocational and occupational choice, selection of educational goals, and matters of a social-personal nature.

All incoming freshmen will be tested in English, reading, and mathematics to help ascertain their proper placement in instructional courses. The ACCUPLACER test is the primary instrument used by the College for placement testing purposes. Counselors provide immediate feedback of test results and assist each freshman student in completing the first schedule of classes. At the time of enrollment in both Technical and Academic Programs, a student is assigned a program advisor who guides the student in scholastic matters. Services provided by counselors include: advising, registering, and career assessment, transfer counseling, and limited personal counseling. The Retention Advocate also provides assistance to students considering withdrawing from school or who do not meet academic progress. The Transfer Coordinator provides services to students to assist them in transferring to senior institutions.

An orientation course is available for all new students. The program is designed to provide the new student with knowledge of the physical environment of the campus and the institutional policies, to provide a fundamental knowledge of the educational offerings and requirements of the institution, and to provide the student with specific advising for initial registration.