Final Grade Appeal Procedure

Any student wishing to file an appeal of a final grade must employ the following procedure.

An appeal of a final grade must be made in writing and directed to the Dean of Instruction. The letter of appeal must have the following characteristics:

  1. Word-processed, or typed; not hand-written;
  2. Signed;
  3. Dated;
  4. Current home address (not P.O. Box);
  5. Current telephone number.


  1. A student may appeal final grades of A, B, C, D, and F. A student may not appeal final grades of I or W. Each grade appeal must be filed separately – i.e., if a student wishes to appeal two or more final grades awarded in a given semester, each appeal must be filed separately. The appeal must be filed no later than the end of the term (fall, spring, or summer) following the term in which the final grade in question was received. For example, in order to appeal a final grade received in the spring semester, a student must file the appeal not later than the end of the next (i.e., summer) term.
  2. The Dean of Instruction shall make a thorough investigation of the grade appeal. If the Dean of Instruction determines there is insufficient evidence to support an appeal or lack of evidence, a written notice shall be sent to the student explaining the findings and course of action available to the student. The Dean of Instruction will give such notice to the student not later than 28 calendar days from receipt of the student’s letter of appeal. The student has the right to appeal the decision of the Dean of Instruction to the President within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of the decision. An appeal to the President must be constructed in the same format as described in VII-1 above.
  3. If an official hearing is needed, a Grade Appeals Committee consisting of three WCCS faculty members and two WCCS students will be formed by the President to hear the final grade appeal. A student may present evidence by oral testimony, witnesses, and/or written sworn affidavits to support the appeal request. The instructor in question will be afforded the opportunity for reasonable cross-examination of all evidence submitted at the hearing.
  4. The student shall be notified in writing by the Chair of the Grade Appeals Committee within seven (7) calendar days of the decision of the committee.
  5. A student has seven (7) calendar days from the date of the notification of the decision of the Grade Appeals Committee to appeal to the President.
  6. The President may approve, overturn, or amend any recommendation of the Grade Appeals Committee. The President shall notify, in writing, the student, the Dean of Instruction, and the Grade Appeals Committee of the decision(s) rendered.