E-Learning Exam Policy

Students must schedule an appointment for Midterm and Final Exams for courses via the RegisterBlast link located in Canvas. No walk in appointments will be allowed. Students must be scheduled in order to test. (See exam schedules on your course Syllabus, on our Canvas course site, or the E-Learning Web page.)

  • Students must report at the time and place for midterm and final exams according to their scheduled appointment.
  • Students will be prohibited from coming into the testing room after 15 minutes of the scheduled exam time.
  • To verify student identification, all students must bring a valid photo ID and sign in on the exam sign in sheet.
  • To ensure academic integrity, all students must only bring a photo ID. No purses, cell phones, backpacks, smartwatches or other materials will be allowed in the testing room.
  • Students are not required to pay any additional fees for online or distance learning courses, including charges associated with verification of student identity. However, students who enroll in distance education courses but do not test at Wallace Community College Selma or designated off site testing locations, may incur a proctoring fee as established by the selected testing facility. Proctoring fees vary by testing facilities. All proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student.