Community Education

The Community Education program covers the non-credit courses offered by the community college to meet the needs of the community. Registration is open to all individuals who have a desire for knowledge and an interest in a course. The Community Education non-credit courses are offered on a regular basis with a core offering of regular subject areas. Additional subjects are offered each semester to meet the requests of groups or individuals of the community. These courses do not carry credit hours but are given continuing education unit value. The continuing education unit (C.E.U.) is defined as ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience offered by the community college under the capable direction of qualified instructors. The C.E.U. is used as a method of recording and recognizing participation by citizens of the community in an organized program of self-improvement. The general policies as to course offerings, C.E.U. values and instructor qualifications are determined by the Community Education Advisory Committee. Specific course offerings are determined by community surveys, community interests as reflected by individual requests, or requests from business, industrial, civic, and cultural groups of the community. Instructors are generally members of the community who are recognized for their expertise in a specific area or subject, and who are able to impart this knowledge in an acceptable manner. Wallace Community College Selma receives no state funds to provide Community Education classes.

Course Topics are published each semester via WCCS website, local newspaper and other forms of advertisement.