Code of Student Conduct

By publication of this Code of Student Conduct, Wallace Community College Selma calls to the special attention of students and organizations the standard of conduct by which they are expected to abide. Students and organizations shall be aware of the Code and should know they will be held accountable for its provisions. By enrollment at the College, a student or organization neither relinquishes rights nor escapes responsibilities of local, state, or federal laws and regulations. The College has an interest in the maintenance of a campus environment that is conducive to the educational mission in addition to the safety, health, and well-being of all students and other persons on campus. Students at the College are considered to be responsible adults, serious of purpose, and enrolled for the primary purpose of further educational goals. It is assumed that students enrolling in the College are mature and have a desire for constructive learning and are attending with that purpose in mind. Common courtesy and cooperation are expected of all students. Interference, injury, or the intentional attempt to injure or interfere with the personal or property rights of any person: whether a student, member of the College community, visitor, or the College itself, is strictly prohibited.