Campus and Buildings

The College’s Technical Programs are housed in classroom/shop areas located within eight different buildings. Each building contains classrooms and laboratories designed to provide an excellent learning atmosphere for students.

The general Classroom Building (Bldg. 110) contains a variety of classrooms and learning areas. It was renovated in the fall of 2010. Included in this building are the offices of the Dean of Instruction and the Associate Dean of Instruction Technical Training; eight conventional classrooms; the Drafting and Design Technology Program: an open PC Lab, instructor offices, and a writing lab.

A Library-Gym Complex (Bldg. 106) contains a library-learning resources center, a gymnasium, and twelve classrooms. This building is of the same type of construction as the other buildings.

In spring, 1990 the College opened a new Fine Arts Center (Earl Goodwin Theatre) (Bldg. 606). In 2010, the Goodwin Theatre was renovated to house the major components of the College’s Advanced Visualization Center (AVC). Today, the rear of the theatre serves as the Workforce Development Center which houses the Ready-to-Work program, Apple Coding Academy and numerous staff offices.

In fall, 2008 the College opened the Hank Sanders Technology Center (Bldg. 405) which houses the offices of the President (Suite) and Dean of Business and Finance (Suite), Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research (Suite), and Office of Information Technology (Suite). The center also contains facilities for the Computer Information Systems, Business Administration and Office Administration Programs (Suite).

In Summer, 2010 the College opened the Health Sciences Building (Bldg. 501) which houses the offices, classrooms, and pre-clinical laboratories of the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN), Practical Nursing (PN), and Patient Care Technician (PCT) programs. The Charles Byrd Arts and Science Building (Bldg. 102) is home to the faculty and staff of the Arts and Science department. Complete renovations of that building were completed in 2012.

In spring, 2013 a new student center (Bldg. 302) was erected. The center contains the offices of the Dean of Students, Director of Financial Aid, Admissions Office, Student Support Services, and a Bookstore.