Basic Associate Degree Requirements

A student shall be awarded the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or the Associate in Applied Science degree upon the satisfactory completion of the requirements of the specific program as specified by Wallace Community College Selma. Degrees are awarded on an annual basis after the completion of spring semester.

Upon a student’s completion of 45 semester credit hours, the Office of Student Services will contact the student regarding graduation eligibility. The student must schedule a pre-graduation conference during which an evaluation of academic status will be conducted. It is the responsibility of the student to apply for graduation and comply with the following minimum standards:

  1. Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit in an approved program of study, including prescribed general education courses.
  2. All first time enrolled freshmen must take a College Orientation 101 class
  3. Earn a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in all courses attempted at the College. A course may be counted only once for purposes of meeting graduation requirements. Only courses numbered 100 or above will be counted toward graduation.
  4. Complete at least 25 percent of semester credit hours at the college granting the degree.
  5. Meet all requirements for graduation within one calendar year from the last semester/term of attendance.
  6. All certificate and degree-seeking students will demonstrate computer literacy by either integral curriculum content (e.g., ELT 231, DDT 104, CIS 146, NUR 204, etc., or by completing one or more of the following courses: CIS 130, CIS 146, ENG 100, ENG 101, or any E-learning course.
  7. Fulfill all financial obligations to the College.
  8. The Dean of Instruction shall approve the formal award when the student meets all requirements for graduation satisfactorily.
  9. Receive approval by the President.