Attendance Policy (Absences)

Students are expected to attend each class session, to arrive on time, and to remain for the entire class session. Faculty may record attendance from the first class meeting. However, it is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their class attendance. The instructor is not required to notify the student when the student has been excessively absent. Frequent absences, regardless of the reason or circumstance, may interfere with the student’s ability to successfully complete the requirements of the course. In such cases, the student should withdraw from the class before the last date to drop with a grade of “W.” Withdrawal from a class may affect eligibility for federal financial aid. Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid for information concerning federal financial aid issues.

When a student is absent from class, the student is responsible for all material covered in class and for any assignments made in class. The instructor is not required to review with the student any material missed as a result of being absent, nor is the instructor required to notify a student if a student is in danger of a lowered grade due to any graded work missed. The instructor is not required to provide an opportunity for make-up. The instructor’s policies regarding attendance issues (including make-up work) shall be clearly defined in the syllabus to be distributed on the first day of class. Attendance requirements in career/technical programs may differ from (and be more restrictive than) this policy.

Absences for Approved College Activities
Absences for students participating in official College activities that have been approved by the President or his designee will be excused upon receipt of written notification from the appropriate coach or sponsor. This notification will meet the following guidelines:

  1. Notification must be given to the instructor prior to the absence(s); and
  2. Notification must state the time frame of the activity including, specifically, the time for which the student must leave for the activity and when the student will return to campus.

It is the responsibility of each student engaged in approved College activities to make arrangements to complete any missed assignments, examinations, or other course requirements, at a time convenient for the instructor.