1. A failure to request an appeal as stated herein shall be an admission of the charges and consent to the sanctions imposed by the Discipline Committee.
  2. A written appeal must specifically state the grounds of such appeal, which are limited to newly discovered evidence, violation of procedure, or that the imposed sanction was unduly harsh, improper, or lenient under the circumstances.
  3. The Dean of Students may appeal the decision of the Discipline Committee to the President if the sanctions delivered are deemed inappropriate or the Committee failed to act.
  4. The student or organization shall be provided with a written statement of the decision of the President within ten working days from the date of filing the request for appeal.
  5. The President may approve, overturn, or amend any recommendation of the Discipline Appeal Board. The President shall notify, in writing, the student(s) or organization, the Discipline Committee, the Discipline Appeal Board, and the Dean of Students of the decision(s) rendered.