Administrative Staff

Mitchell, James M.
B.A., Shaw University
M.A., Fayetteville State University
Ed.D., Fayetteville State University

Bennett, Robbyn V.
Director of Technology Planning & Information Services
B.S., Auburn University at Montgomery

Briggs, Tammie
Dean of Instruction
B.S., Alabama State University
M.S., Alabama State University
Ed D., Walden University

Gourdine, Raji
Dean of Technical and Workforce Development 
B.S., Livingston University
M.S.C., Troy University at Montgomery

Griffin, Donitha
Dean of Students
Executive Assistant to President
A.S., Wallace Community College Selma
B.S., University of Alabama
M.S., Troy University at Montgomery
Ed.D., Walden University

Hathcock, Garland "Blaine"
Demopolis Campus Director

Spencer, Rosa
Dean of Business and Finance
B.S., Faulkner University
M.S., Faulkner University
Ed D., The University of Alabama