Academic Honesty Policy

One of the chief goals of Wallace Community College Selma is to promote academic honesty. Student actions which deter or discourage intellectual growth are defined as academic dishonesty and are listed as follows:

  1. Any form of cheating on any exam, quiz, problem, or other exercise which is a requirement of a course.
  2. Plagiarism on an assigned paper, theme, report, or other written material submitted to meet course requirements.
  3. Use of papers or any other materials from Internet sources and submitted as the student’s own.
  4. Having in the immediate testing area materials or devices not expressly authorized by the test administrator.
  5. Intentionally providing false information to any College official.
  6. Alteration or unauthorized use of any College record or document.
  7. Unauthorized use of College Computer facilities, programs, and/or data.
  8. Presenting as genuine any invented or falsified citation or material.