Academic Grading System

Letter grades are assigned according to the following system for all courses for which students have registered except courses in the Associate Degree Nursing Program, Patient Care Technician Program, and the Licensed Practical Nursing Program.


A - Excellent (90-100)   A= 4 quality points per hour
B - Good (80-89)   B= 3 quality points per hour
C - Average (70-79) W-Withdrawal C= 2 quality points per hour
D - Poor (60-69) 1 - Incomplete 0= 1 quality points per hour
F-Failure (Below 60) AU - Audit F, S, & U= 0 quality points per hour

The student’s academic standing (grade-point average or GPA) is obtained by dividing total number of quality points by the total number of semester hours attempted; for each course, multiply credit hours by the number of quality points earned by your grade.

Satisfactory grades are A, B, and C. Senior colleges and universities may not grant credit for a course in which the student has made a grade of D and never for an F. A grade of Incomplete (I) is assigned when the quality of completed work has been passing, but the student has been prevented by illness or other justifiable cause from completing the required work or taking the final examination. A student who must miss a final examination has the responsibility of notifying the instructor prior to the examination or as soon as possible thereafter, and of furnishing acceptable evidence concerning the cause of absence. If the cause is serious illness, the student should present to the instructor a statement signed by the attending physician. A grade of Incomplete must be cleared by the 50% point of the next semester. If not so done, the “I” becomes an “F.”